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ICEcare Sticker: A Dependable Supplement

ICEcare Sticker should be placed prominently on the back of the mobile phone or on the back of your driver's license. It helps complete preparedness with ICEcare and offers the following benefits:
  1. It directs first responders to ICEcare app on your mobile phone.
  2. If your mobile phone is locked or broken, ICEcare Sticker directs first responders to this site. The Unique Identification Code on ICEcare Sticker helps them acquire your critical information without disclosing your identity.
As a standard operating procedure, first responders check victim's wallet and their mobile phone to help identify the individual; and to locate their next of kin. ICEcare Sticker prominently helps in directing their attention, regardless of the mobile phone being usable.

Please Note: One ICEcare Sticker is included per user account with acquisition of ICEcare.net Annual Service. One may acquire additional ICEcare Stickers, if required.

Applying the ICEcare Sticker:

Each ICEcare Sticker includes a unique identification code, which is a 7-digit alphanumeric value. This code needs to be associated with your ICEcare.net profile to extend benefits of enabling access to your ICEcare profile data by first responders without disclosing your identity.

To bind your Unique Identification Code on your ICEcare Sticker with your ICEcare.net profile, login to ICEcare.net. From Welcome tab -- ICEcare Sticker Section, select the link for "Register ICEcare Sticker(s)". Apply your Unique Identification Code where requested and include a note on where you have affixed it to help you manage it later, and then click Apply.

After associating your Unique Identification Code to your ICEcare profile, you may want to verify your data presentation for first responders here.
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