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ICEcare provides a foundation to share information that is worthy of common interest. Topics may vary; besides being informative, they may also initiate a drive to promote a cause affiliated with a non-profit organization. Users may subscribe to these topics as per their personal preference (opt-in). Individuals and Organizations interested in collaboration on topics like: health and awareness, fitness, emergency preparedness etc., or in promoting cause affiliated with the same, are invited to contact us.

ICEcare provides an ideal platform for non-profit organizations. Besides promoting their cause with a rich unobtrusive communication medium, it helps increase awareness, exposure for events and in raising funds for development with effective resource management.

Cause Promotions
Nearly nine out of 10 Americans now believe that corporations and nonprofits should work together to raise awareness and funding for charitable causes, according to a report by Boston-based Cone, Inc., a strategic marketing and communications firm. The Cone Corporate Citizenship Study was conducted to see how corporate partnerships affect the reputation and financial funding position of charities. It found that 89 percent of Americans want nonprofits and corporations to work together, and that 76% believe that these partnerships will result in a more positive image of charitable organization and corporation. Moreover, a large percentage of respondents indicated that if they heard about a particular corporation-charity partnership, they would be more likely to:
  • Buy a product that supports the charity (79 percent)
  • Tell a friend about the charity (76 percent)
  • Give money to the charity (70 percent)

  • Advantages of Corporation-NPO Partnerships:
  • Create an environment of community responsibility, which in turn provides good corporate citizenship that helps attract new customers and donors
  • Increase branding and exposure
  • Tax deductions
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Improve the communities in which they operate
  • Continue their tradition of support to certain causes or events – national, regional, or local
  • Support certain causes through the commitment of the CEO or board
  • An additional differentiation tool against competitors
  • "Free" publicity and goodwill in the marketplace
  • Synergies with corporate and product advertising

  • ICEcare: Rich Actionable Platform:
    Today, Not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations are tapping into the mobile realm to assist in fundraising efforts far and wide. From small town fund drives in support of local causes, to global efforts aimed at curbing the fallout from natural and man-made disasters, mobile marketing has quickly become one of modern fundraiser’s greatest assets in their arsenal of fundraising tools.

    When it comes to what you can do with mobile, the options available as a marketer are substantial. SMS, MMS, mobile apps, mobile Web, and the bevy of other options available to marketers each provide their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. Though other trends are continually emerging, the primary form of mobile charitable marketing has been with text messaging (SMS). Leveraging the use of a short code, a variety of keywords, and some innovative thinking can do wonders in boosting sales, producing leads, driving brand loyalty and awareness, or any other campaign goal.

    Why limit your message/ad to a 160 character, text only non-actionable format? Rich media has raised the standard for advertising online and in mobile. Marketers want and are starting to expect the ability to deliver engaging, targeted and interactive (actionable) experiences with their consumers across all platforms. With ICEcare your message can be rich media with interactivity and immediacy, mobile makes donating universally accessible with just a push of a button. With no wait and no fuss, it’s a channel too powerful for NPOs to ignore. Marketers have more options with ICEcare than with other forms of messaging in use today.

    ICEcare enriched message is unobtrusive, empowering user with freedom to view it at their convenience. When viewed, ICEcare presents information with a single tap call to action, making it much easier for the user to contribute to their preferred cause, connect with a phone call or connect to a website for more information, right away!

    Having the right exposure in the right context makes all the difference.
    Contact us today to learn how ICEcare can help your cause and your organization!
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