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Friends help friends be prepared!
Promote your goodwill with preparedness!
Your family and friends make this world a special place. Please help them be prepared.
Emergencies can affect anyone; being prepared helps. Please help your family and friends be prepared. If you care for someone, let it show. In the words of Mother Tersa, "The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread." Please tell your family and friends about ICEcare.

Organizations: We invite you to promote preparedness and the goodwill for your business.
Organizations have a choice. They could help the communities in which they operate before a disaster or after. Promoting preparedness before the disaster yields better results for their investment and effort. It minimizes loss of life and enhances their brand reputation, and their return on investment. Express your appreciation to your customers, promoters, donors, students, shareholders, members in your community, by helping them be prepared with ICEcare. They will appreciate your concern for their well-being and will likely reciprocate in favor of more business and greater affiliation.

Much more than an advertisement for a far greater value and a much lower investment.
ICEcare helps you strengthen your business relationships. Your audience will have preference in working with you, thereby reducing churn and improving value of your offering. Your status changes from being a vendor to being a preferred vendor or in some cases, a trusted friend; and you may no longer compete just on price or availability. Being mobile, it is direct, targeted, actionable, for a much longer duration for a rather short investment; and is supported on multiple mobile platforms.

How does it work?
We provide tools and assistance to help you promote your goodwill in your community. With a targeted email campaign, you direct your preferred audience to a custom landing page to get started. If you have the need to present terms or legal disclaimers, if any, then it is addressed here before directing the user to ICEcare.net. You have the ability to track and measure performance and have the analytics to assist you further. This process helps us monitor referrals; to promote your brand exposure and to recognize and reward our partners appropriately.

What are the Partnership Benefits?
For individuals, we extend incentives that further strengthen preparedness with value benefits that are based on performance; tracked in context of number of users influenced directly.

For organizations, we offer two avenues: Cash rewards based on referrals and Sponsorship options to promote business goodwill, brand promotion and loyalty, with a time sensitive medium for rich message delivery, including video; and for the non-profits, ability to drive development funds from the community.

Having the right exposure in the right context makes all the difference.
Contact us today to learn how ICEcare can help you save your world and improve your bottom line!
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