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Promoting your business with a life saving solution builds an emotional connection... it shows you care!

ICEcare is an ideal solution for organizations who wish to express their appreciation for their customers, employees, vendors, shareholders and their communities. By provisioning a branded life saving solution, organizations promote customer loyalty, increase corporate citizenship and facilitate charitable giving.

Show your customers and your community you care:
ICEcare is designed to help an individual at the time of need. Being prepared makes a huge difference. Saving a life and preparing for emergencies/disasters is a universal need; making ICEcare valuable for everyone. With an emotional connect associated with personal care, ICEcare helps organizations make an impact at a personal level.

Open new channels for Innovative Business Opportunities:
ICEcare offers an opt-in medium that helps organizations further strengthen their relationship with their audience. With a direct two-way communication channel delivering rich content with actionable response, ICEcare delivers a distinctive value that can be sustained for a very long time.

ICEcare provides support for event driven notifications like the one illustrated above, with options like: Demographics, Support for Android, and iOS, Performance Analytics, etc. to push rich targeted content (video Ads) based on user opt-in (qualified audience) with actionable call (Phone Conversation; Buy a Product or Subscribe to a Service, Register for an event, Donate Money, Invite to a Poll/Survey, etc). Analytics helps mobile marketers deliver targeted and effective content to users who appreciate it.

ICEcare Branding Advantages:
ICEcare presents you with an opportunity to differentiate your marketing efforts via the following:
  • Your brand name/logo is placed prominently on ICEcare mobile application launch page
  • Additional branding opportunity with the ICEcare wallet card
  • ICEcare can be customized (features/services, appearance, etc.)
  • Provide information about your business on your recipients mobile phone
  • Take your customer loyalty programs mobile, offering unparalleled targeting and personalization
  • Where is your nearest store? And how do I get there?
  • Where can I buy one of your products right now? Driving consumers into a store immediately
  • One tap option for your customers to call your pre-identified numbers
  • One button press to connect with your corporate website
  • Options to extend business process services integration
  • Communicate with your customers to support causes that are important to your community (Please visit Social Services for more information)
  • Facilitate mobile charitable giving (additionally, see Non-Profit Advantage for more information)
Corporate Disaster Program Solutions:
If your company has a disaster preparedness program in place or is looking to create one, it makes sense to consider ICEcare as a key component to such a plan. For more information or to discuss tailoring a program to suit your company's needs, please contact us.

ICEcare offers superior messaging capabilities:
We are all familiar with standard SMS message approach – you have 160 characters, including spaces and punctuation to convey your message to the consumer. SMS is plain black & white text. Rich Text allows for basic formatting; bold, italics, underlines, alignment, color, photographs and video. With SMS, marketers routinely engage in all sort of natural and, often times, unnatural abbreviations to fit their message into 160 characters. You’ve seen SMS messages such as this:

Come 2 Tony’s Pizza @Hillsdale Mall. This wk only, $2 off pep & mush pizza. C U there.
Msg&Data rates may apply. Reply HELP for info. Reply STOP to end."

Marketers do this with SMS because they must; they also know that SMS does not elicit strong actionable emotions. Multimedia messaging creates strong emotions which is the most important aspect in all advertising. Emotions make people react in ways plain text never will. Now marketers are moving to MMS to get full multimedia effect. Multimedia has the ability to fully articulate their message, brand, product, call-to-action and anything else they would like to convey, however MMS is not actionable.

What do we mean by actionable? Think about interactive, staying inside of the message to complete a transaction or process. With SMS and MMS, you have to leave the message and/or application to make a purchase. ICEcare permits the action you want the recipient to make right inside of your message; the recipients react on the emotion immediately and seamlessly -- Present a compelling video with a call to action -- make donation, buy a product or service, send email or SMS, cast your opinion on-line, etc.

Rich media has raised the standard for advertising online and in mobile. Marketers want and are starting to expect the ability to deliver engaging, targeted and interactive (actionable) experiences with their consumers across all platforms. With ICEcare, marketers have more options than with other forms of messaging in use today.

Advantages of ICEcare Messaging:
ICEcare provides an opt-in medium with an unobtrusive message delivery. Key advantages include:
  • Ability to deliver message content in full HTML5 (video, pictures and text)
  • ICEcare allows “Actionable” (interactive) messaging
  • Complete a transaction without leaving the message or application
  • Simplified end-user experience
  • Controlled delivery; schedule when to deliver, activate and deactivate a message
  • Immediacy and convenience… react to the emotion now
Non-Profit Advantage:
Besides the above, non-profit organizations attempting to raise development funds with ICEcare have several distinctive advantages over other mobile donation options, like:
  • No delay; Immediate realization of money
  • No fees; 100% revenue is passed through
  • No Limits; Donors not limited to $10 per month
  • No need for Non-Profit to have IRS filing of $500K
Other requirements apply. Contact us to discuss branding, charitable donations and other marketing opportunities to promote your business.
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