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Focus: Being Prepared is being Safe!
  Fact: Accidents happen! (Click if this applies to others but not to you)
When they do, every second counts.  Being prepared makes the difference.

Most people today carry their mobile phone everywhere, making it most likely to be with them in case of an emergency. Having ICEcare on your mobile phone can enable you to share your relevant health details with the Paramedics and the Hospital Staff.

  Why share health details with Paramedics? (Click to review examples)
Informed care minimizes complications and expedites recovery. Paramedics often have the opportunity to administer powerful drugs that could make a huge impact on patient. In some cases, these drugs have side effects. Knowing current health details of a patient would enable Paramedics and Hospital Staff to apply their best judgement to treat the patient. At that time, every second makes a difference.

Authorities and first responders worldwide check victim's wallet and mobile phone to identify the individual and to locate their next of kin. By enabling users to retain their critical health information locally on thier mobile phone, ICEcare helps first responders focus on their first goal -- to enable the user get informed care to survive through the emergency situation.

Information requested by ICEcare is opt-in. As a user, you may share any information that you believe any emergency medical technician should know to provide informed care. Categories include general health, chronic conditions, allergies, medications and health history.

ICEcare: True Value for money!
ICEcare solution comprises of the following, which may be used individually or collectively.

You may build ICEcare profile on your mobile phone or with your preferred browser at ICEcare.net.
  ICEcare Mobile Application ICEcare Mobile Application
  ICEcare.net Annual Services ICEcare.net Annual Services
Note: The above is not a complete list, but an overview to illustrate the value of both components.
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