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Emergencies are unpredictable.
ICEcare on your mobile phone could save a life... yours or someone your know!

ICEcare helps you retain and present any information you wish for first responders to know, especially if your life depended on it, regardless of your being conscious at that time. Typically, it would help them to know your health information, especially if you are allergic to anything, taking any medications, or have any past health history. Not having any conditions also needs to be communicated to first responders. Having this information would enable first responders to provide you with more informed care, which will minimize the potential for any complications or side-effects and expedite recovery.

First Responders and Mobile Phones.
While responding to emergencies, first responders and authorities worldwide check on victim's wallet and mobile phone to identify the individual and to locate their next of kin. Having ICEcare on a mobile phone simplifies their task and enables them to provide well informed care, there by improving victims' chances of survival through the unfortunate situation.

ICEcare mobile app is curently available for the following mobile platfoms:

Google Android Apple iOS Microsoft Windows Phone7 HP WebOS
Google Android Apple iOS Microsoft Phone7 Hewlett Packard WebOS

ICEcare mobile app for the above platforms may be acquired directly from thier respective app stores.
Note: Platforms supported earlier will continue to operate without new developments. These include:
Reason: Evolution of these platforms have been discontinued by their respective vendors.
ICEcare support for new BlackBerry devices is in development and will be available soon.
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