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You and your family members are the most important people in your world. And you realize that accidents and/or disasters can occur at anytime and can threaten your health, your life or of someone you care for! Auto Accidents worldwide claim over a million lives each year, with number injured or disabled at over 50 million. And it is not 'if' but 'when' will we face our next major natural or man-made disaster. It may have serious ramification on yours' and your family’s well being. What precautions have you taken to protect your most critical assets: yourself, and your family?

ICEcare is an emergency preparedness solution for the twenty-first century that provides you and your family with tools to prepare, survive and recover from personal emergencies and disasters.

Priority One: Staying Alive!
Some people still believe that having insurance helps them protect themselves and their family! Insurance provides financial compensation against the loss, but you have to survive on your own! If injured, you call nationwide emergency services (like 911). Paramedics are well trained and responsive; but time is always critical for these tenacious caregivers who try to help you without knowing anything about you!

ICEcare enables you to share your critical health information with paramedics and Hospital Staff treating you for more informed care that will likely minimize potential complications and expedite recovery. ICEcare also provides you peace of mind with a simplified connectivity with your pre-identified emergency contacts.

Disasters create a havoc by displacing everything. It can be a challenge to get everyone back together as the roads and prevalent infrastructure, including the network, may be inaccessible or overloaded. A typical ten minute drive on a normal day could take several hours due to broken bridges and ramps. A contingency plan helps reduce anxiety and stress as you focus your energy on re-uniting back with your family.

With ICEcare, you are in control. It retains your critical information on your mobile phone, facilitating quick access to your personal health information, first aid and disaster survival tips, etc. You have the ability to define and share your home emergency plan with members of your family. If you are prepared, you may be able to assist others. Else, you may be at the mercy of the environment.

If you believe that emergencies only occur for others, then you may want to review the facts here.

Have a Home Emergency Plan?:
If a disaster strikes, you may not be able to make it home in time. Depending on the severity, it may take you more than a day to get back home. Do your kids know what to expect? Have you prepared them for it? What if your home is not accessible? Do you have a home emergency plan? If so, have you shared it with everyone in your family? ICEcare will enable you to define, share and retain your Home Emergency Plan on your mobile phone. Your kids can retain it on their mobile phone or their iPod Touch!
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