Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. What is ICE?
  2. What is ICEcare?
  3. What is emergency preparedness?
  4. My emergency contacts are already defined by ICE in my cell phone address book.
  5. What are the limitations in using ICE reference on my cell phone address book?
  6. Why is my ICEcare profile stored on my mobile phone?
  7. Why should I retain my ICEcare profile on
  8. Where can I get my ICEcare sticker?
  9. Where can I get my ICEcare Card for my wallet?
  10. What do I do to make the ICEcare sticker active once I have attached it to my phone?
  11. Do I need a new ICEcare sticker when I acquire a new mobile phone?
  12. How can I help my community prepare?
  13. How can I prepare my family for a disaster?
  14. What should be in an Emergency Preparedness Kit?
  15. What if there is a situation that is not covered by the application (ICEcare)?
  16. Was ICEcare a no cost solution?
  17. Is my access to secure?
  18. What mobile platforms are supported?
  19. What about ICEcare Support for BlackBerry?
  20. I have seen ICEcare on other mobile platforms as well. How is that supported?

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