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Chirag Patel, is the founder of ICEcare. His vision has been to provide a dependable and easy to use emergency preparedness solution to help everyone using the most reliable technology.

"We care for our customers and our community." He says. "An opportunity to revolutionize something that could benefit a large number of people does not come by everyday. Try not to lose it!"

Chirag has been an evangelist and entrepreneur, with 20+ years experience in the software industry.
Rick Pierson is the president of ICEcare. A strategic planner and business development expert with 25 years experience establishing and maintaining top dollar accounts for leading communications technology organizations.

Rick's track record includes finding early adopters of new technology. Expertly defines market strategy, develops partnerships, evangelizes the message and establishes brand recognition. Rick facilitated business deals with industry leaders in the Global 1000 including Microsoft, Google, State Farm, Logitech, LG and Nokia. Rick has held positions with IBM, AT&T Labs, MCI, ipVerse, Immersion and ABBYY.
Mehul Patel, is the Director of Development at ICEcare.

"Our goal is to help save lives, and nothing less." He says. "If we can save just one life by helping everyone be as prepared, then it would justify every effort invested!"

Ankit Shah, is the Director of Operations at ICEcare.

"We expect for the sun to shine tomorrow." He says. "But we fail to prepare against the emergencies that could prevent us from enjoying the sun."

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